Pick of the Week #706 - Marauders #1


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This week Josh Flanagan just wants everyone to get on with it and get it over with, while Conor Kilpatrick has a new hashtag.

Running Time: 00:59:17

Pick of the Week:

00:02:08 - Marauders #1


00:09:31 - Action Comics #1016

00:13:02 - King Thor #2

00:15:40 - The Amazing Mary Jane #1

00:19:40 - Criminal #9

00:22:22 - G.I. Joe #2

00:24:43 - Books of Magic #13

00:26:20 - Second Coming #4

Patron Pick:

00:27:40 - The Amazing Spider-Man: Full Circle

Patron Thanks:

00:35:14 - Geoffrey Davis

00:37:05 - Patrick O'Kelley

00:38:14 - Rusty Richardson

00:39:44 - Jake Ignatowicz

Audience Question:

00:40:28 - Adam asks a what if question about real life mutant registration and the answer takes a serious turn.

00:46:07 - Juan P. from Los Angeles, CA read an alarming report about superhero comic book sales and is worried.

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