Pierre Lindh #50 - Disa Stigh, Co-Founder, Casino By Her (Addiction, imposter syndrome, equality, young leadership)


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My name is Disa Stigh and I'm one of those Millennials who believe I can change iGaming.

The iGaming career really took off after I won iGaming Idol as ''Live Dealer of the year'' a few years ago. After I spent hundreds of hours in the Live studio at Evolution Gaming in Malta, I decided I needed to accelerate and grasp the knowledge of our iGaming industry from all verticals. By taking a big step from being a Live Dealer to Affiliate Manager, I had big shoes to fill and a new world to comprehend.

Since networking and standing out in the crowd has been key for me during all these years in iGaming, I've been able to grow in a natural way from Live Dealer to CCO and Co-founder of Casino By Her. Panel discussions, speaking at conferences and gaining knowledge from well-experienced and innovative fellow industry colleagues, have been giving me the great comfort I need to trust my own ability through my career and personal life.

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