Ep 60: Marissa Price - 1000 Ripple Effects Author


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Marissa is the 2nd of our 1000 Ripple Effect authors. The theme of the book is “what advice would you give a 15-21 year making the transition from boy to man, girl to woman. Marissa’s story is for the theme mother-daughter. Marissa is a high school teacher, owns a tutoring business and is a published author as well as being a mother. Marissa talks change and doing what you are passionate about. She believes that if you don’t make the change who will? Marissa also talked about imposter syndrome and how she has dealt with that. Have a listen to the starfish story and see how inspirational this is. Marissa’s motto: be kind, always. For more on 1000 Ripple Effects go to http://www.1000rippleeffects.com

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