31: Nolan Pelletier – Keep Shaking the Tree


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About this Episode

Nolan Pelletier (Web; IG) is an illustrator and designer based in Toronto Canada. Nolan's deep love for collecting antiques, art and printed ephemera influences his work very deeply. Over the years he has developed a unique style and voice combining his love of inky, blotty lines and textured color. Nolan's deft deployment of the graphic and the ornamental peppered with a healthy dose of humor has attracted clients like the NYT, the New Yorker, New Republic, NY Magazine and many more.

In this conversation we talk about:

  • Nolan's love for collecting
  • How Nolan met and eventually befriended one of his creative heroes
  • Nolan's side project the Somnolent Garden Rambler
  • Texture tricks and making inky lines in Photoshop
  • How Nolan's work evolved over time
  • Nolan's advice for illustrators starting out

Comprehensive Show Notes:

Find all the links to books, projects and things we discussed via the link below:
Episode Show Notes

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