EP 016 - Self-care, The 5 Languages of Love, Keeping Families Together - Umm Talha


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Fatima Barkatulla and Umm Talha speak about some of the things people can do to ensure that their marriages remain healthy and what can be done to tackle difficulties.

4:23 - Having a supportive spouse5:30 - Benefits of marrying for the Deen7:22 - Growing up as an orphan without a father figure11:40 - Importance of circles of knowledge for women13:04 - Helping women take care of themselves15:30 - A good marriage requires hard work21:40 - Self-care29:35 - Overcoming Isolation and loneliness31:21 - Strengthening marriages33:41 - The 5 love languages44:20 - Tackling problems in marriages & divorce58:09 - Balancing Parenting & marriageWatch in 4K on youtube.com/ilmfeed

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