Ep. 13 - "Braveheart"


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This week, Steven pretends to know something about history, Angela wishes this movie actually showed more blood, and both try (and fail miserably) at Scottish accents.

P.S. Steven knows he was wrong about Braveheart being Mel Gibson's directorial debut. It was Pocahontas III: Back in the Habit. He's punished himself accordingly.

Note: Only one movie? What gives?? Well, it's for a couple different reasons. First of all, the episodes have been getting increasingly longer each week, and we've actually had to cut recording short on numerous occasions because we've had too much to talk about and not enough time. Sticking to one pick a week means we'll be able to give each and every movie/show/whatever Angela decides to pull out of her butt the attention it deserves. Also, it alleviates the pressure on our schedules (we got jobs yo) and allows us to free up time for other projects and fun stuff we've got in the works. We're still going to be releasing a new episode every Monday, just alternating who picks each week. Thanks for listening, and if you dig it, let us know!

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