Balancing Self Care and Success | Tom Bilyeu AMA


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Tom answers questions from the community.

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Mel Robbins [17:45]

Will Smith [16:31]

Jay Z [16:35]

Jordan Peterson [16:39]

Sheryl Sandberg [17:35]


Mindset [11:30]

Principles [15:36]


The secret to managing work ethic, mental health, self care and success [3:38]

Tom’s top 5 interviews from Impact Theory (Rama, Goggins, Kwik, Shetty, KFL) [8:52]

When (and why) Tom started wearing glasses [10:54]

Advice Tom would give himself at 20 years old [11:30]

How often Tom calibrates the business to make sure everyone’s selfish desires are met [14:28]

The book that’s had more effect on me than anything [15:36] (principles)

Tom talks about the celebrities he would like to interview and why (Will Smith, Jay Z, Jordan Peterson) 17:45 Mel Robbins

What to do when you’re not excited by anything and you feel low levels of motivation [17:54]

How to balance gratitude with the hunger for needing more (do you need to feed ambition?) [26:29]

The story behind calling this company Impact Theory [33:25]

Why Tom started Health Theory and how Impact Theory began [34:39]

The biggest bottlenecks and impediments to growth in [39:13]

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