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Acknowledged “spirit junkie” and best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein has devoted her life to helping people unpack and overcome the deep trauma that leads to so many forms of chronic physical and mental illnesses. On this episode of Impact Theory with Tom Bilyeu, Gabrielle Bernstein discusses faith, patience, meditation, therapy and addiction. Her compassion, wisdom and incredible drive shine through as she discusses how to overcome the addiction to judging the self and others, how to change your belief system, and how to develop a spiritual relationship of your own understanding.

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“How can I decide to stop feeling bad?” [3:33]

Gabrielle describes the point where your meditation stops working [5:29]

Gabrielle explains how her faith helped her deal with buried trauma [7:18]

The healing process begins by recognizing the real roots of the trauma [11:50]

Gabrielle describes the EMDR therapy process [13:26]

Gabrielle explains the emotional freedom technique, or “tapping” [16:01]

Gabrielle advocates transcendental meditation and using a mantra [18:32]

How do you practice not believing your own judgments [22:55]

Gabrielle explains how judgment is an addiction [25:17]

Gabrielle shares her story of getting clean from addiction [26:48]

Gabrielle advocates developing a spiritual relationship of your own understanding [29:15]

Gabrielle and Tom discuss patience and faith [31:30]

Gabrielle and Tom discuss the benefits of meditation, relaxation and calm [41:59]

What’s wrong with the mindset that “if I don’t make it happen, it won’t happen” [45:56]

Gabrielle describes how the feeling of unworthiness holds us back [47:24]

Gabrielle explains how to choose new belief systems [49:41]

Gabrielle shares the impact she wants to have on the world [52:11]


“Judging yourself is just another form of addiction.” [25:09]

“Once you start to develop a spiritual relationship of your own understanding, you’ll notice wild synchronicities in your life. You’ll notice invisible doors open for you.” [29:48]

“People really dwell in the belief system, particularly in America, that ‘if I don’t make it happen it’s not gonna happen’. So patience is the opposite of that, and is terrifying to that belief system.” [46:44]


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