How To Create A MORNING ROUTINE To Achieve Your MOST AMBITIOUS GOALS In 2023 | Tom Bilyeu


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On Today's Episode:
Feeling stuck and uncertain about how to break out of the routine you’re in is more common than you know. The road to success still starts with one step and watching this can be your step one if you’re willing to follow through with action.
Instead of spending time frustrated trying to discover your passion, understand that passion is developed and cultivated. It’s a decision to pursue and follow your curiosity.
Before you shave off one more hour from your sleep tonight, realize that you aren’t doing yourself any favors. Tom is adamant about diet, exercise, and sleep. It’s what allows him to execute at such a high level consistently with clarity of mind and complete focus.
This episode is a masterclass unto itself and covers everything from getting the right morning routine to getting so good you can’t be ignored or denied.
The only question now is, what do you want and what price are you willing to pay to get there?
“There’s a gap between who you are today and who you will need to become in order to execute against your why.” -Tom Bilyeu
“For anybody that wants to achieve something extraordinary in their life, the third thing you need to focus on is mindset, the first two are diet and exercise.” [2:03]
“To get the most out of my day, to make the most of whatever hours I’m awake, I would rather be super sharp and well-rested, than try to wake up really early, be tired, be slow, be miserable…” [6:44]
“It is insanely important, and I believe that you can get ahold of your emotional states [20:11]
“Fear of confrontation, [...] part of that fear is coming from you having a vision of yourself that you’re worried will be diminished…” [24:16]
“Instead of trying to come out of the other side of confrontation looking cool or being right, [...] go into that confrontation with a desire to find out what is really true, what is really optimal…” [24:37]
“In the process of gaining hat mastery and fanning those flames it became a passion, but it wasn’t a passion right off the bat.” [29:47]
“You need to speak in a way that draws people in.” [36:42]
“The truth of the f*cking world is that until you take ownership of everything in your life, until you stop making excuses and blaming anybody, you will never go as far as you could go.” [39:45]
“Don’t worry about convincing people, meet them with compassion, [...] understand that a fixed mindset is its own punishment.” [41:36]
“You can never have two top priorities, [...] that doesn’t mean that there aren’t multiple things that aren’t important, but there can only be one top priority.” [42:48]
“You can become anything you want to become.” [46:52]
“We’re not judged by our intentions. We are judged by what we actually accomplish.” [56:27]
“Who you are today does not predict who you can become.” [1:03:42]
“There’s a difference between happiness and fulfillment, [...] fulfillment is often born of suffering, it’s about doing the things that are hard.” [1:21:45]
“A little bit of beating yourself up actually probably does move you towards your goal cause it kicks you in the ass and gets you moving.” [1:30:22]
“The second I give my power away to somebody else, I’m now at something else’s mercy.” [1:46:17]
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