The Value of Working For Free | Tom Bilyeu AMA 


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Tom answers questions from the community.

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How to level up your toughness to be an entrepreneur by delaying gratification [00:27]

What books Tom recommends [6:37]

What skills would you learn and cultivate first and why Tom values working for FREE [7:04]

How to make your learning most effective and how Tom stays in the zone. [10:25]

Don’t put off for an hour what you can do now. [12:15]

How Tom changed his life by changing what he builds his self esteem around. [12:53]

“Derive your self worth from the sincere pursuit of greatness.” [15:07]

How to realize your interests and begin developing a “why” in your life. [16:33]

What to do if your goals are starting to bore you - and how to find things that make you feel alive [22:04]

Should you quit your job and go all-in on your passion? [27:07]

If your guests on Impact Theory were super heroes, which superpowers would they have? [33:22]

What to do when your coworker makes work difficult and you don’t know how to talk about it. [35:56]

Why you shouldn't get excited about birthdays. [39:28]


Wim Hof [3:31]

David Eagleman [33:47]

David Goggins [34:43]

Vanessa Van Edwards [35:30]


Captivate by Vanessa Van Edwards [35:30]

Principles by Ray Dalio [37:28]

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