What Your Doctor Won’t Tell You About Keto | Ken Berry on Health Theory


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Dr. Ken Berry, family physician and author of Lies My Doctor Told Me, joins Tom to discuss his evolution from whole grain fanatic to carnivore.

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Why you must lead by example [01:21]

How to avoid nutrition dogma [03:59]

How the Standard American Diet came to fruition [05:08]

The importance of experimenting on yourself [07:05]

Why drinking milk is problematic [12:10]

Why eating wheat is problematic [15:02]

Are veterinarians ahead of doctors?[18:26]

How nutritional research allows for bias [19:14]

The biomarkers you need to track [21:58]

Why elevated blood sugar is a huge problem [25:26]

How to use exercise to mitigate your blood sugar response [30:23]

The myth about vitamin D in breastmilk [31:44]

Does sun exposure actually cause skin cancer? [33:53]

Why doctors are more likely to diagnose serious diseases [35:15]

Why low cholesterol is a problem [36:10]

The efficacy of the carnivore diet [37:10]

The only cholesterol numbers you should care about [40:18]

Why you shouldn’t be scared of eating salt [42:48]

What is the carnivore diet doing to your microbiome? [45:13]

The one thing Ken recommends to improve your health [46:47]


Lies My Doctor Told Me by Ken Berry: https://amzn.to/2UFkIH9

The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferriss: https://amzn.to/2QNsH5P


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