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The Impactful Parenting Podcast gives helpful parenting tips, advice for making family life easier, and resources to parents of school-aged children. Why? Because parenting is difficult and you don’t need to do it alone. School-aged children bring different challenges to parenting that younger kids don’t. The Impactful Parenting Podcast brings help for raising your adolescent child. So if you’re asking yourself questions like: • ”How do I get my child to stop procrastinating?” • ”How can I discipline more effectively?” • ”When do I have the sex talk?” • ”Help! I think my child is addicted to video games?” • ”When should I allow my child on social media?” • ”What is the best first phone for my child?” • ”What do I do if my child is cutting?” Then YOU HAVE FOUND THE RIGHT PLACE! These types of topics are just the tip of the iceberg! My passion is creating better relationships between parents and their children. The more support you have and the more help you can get will make your parenting journey more manageable. Teen years don’t need to be difficult. Teenagers CAN have a special bond with their parents! Listen and learn how the Impactful Parenting Podcast can help YOU too! Let’s do this!

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