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Impactful Wisdom Launches October 27, 2020
Get ready for more than a mouthful of goodness with the launch of the Impactful Wisdom podcast! Yes, that is a pun. We love good dental puns. We wanted to create a podcast that is not only educational but also entertaining for dental students.
As future dentists and hygienists, you receive excellent education and training at dental school...but what happens after you graduate? How do you prepare now for your future dental career?
Heartland Dental is the leading dental support organization in the dental industry. As part of our mission to serve students, we created this podcast.
Topics will include all aspects of professional development, leadership, and entrepreneurship. And, we'll also dive deep into the practical skills needed to start and run a successful dental practice.
Look for the first episode to launch on October 27, 2020! Then, you'll get a new episode every other "Tooth"day (Tuesday)!
We will feature engaging conversations with dentists, hygienists, and leaders in the dental industry.
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