Erin X. O'Connell on PyCon 2019 and PyColorado!


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Follow Erin on Twitter: for DigitalOcean ($100 credit!): everyone and welcome to import this a podcast for humans. This is episode I'm not actually sure we're not keeping track anymore. But today I am joined by my wonderful friend Aaron x O'Connell, who have been really good friends with since 2007. Actually, we went to college together. Yeah. George Mason University. Right, Aaron? Yeah, it's true. We went to college together and drop down together. Well, actually, yeah, around the same time. And we're both successful now. So doesn't matter.EErin X. O'Connell 0:30Well, success can be measured in adult, various number of ways. I was talking to someone about that the other day, actually. And they told me that success is it wasn't happiness, it was a fulfillment. They had a really good way of putting it I have to remember.0:47Also think about that one actually. There's many ways to measure success and I think that's something that that is worth dwelling on.0:57Yeah, but But anyway,1:00Aaron is known for many things, including helping organize pi Colorado at the moment. She's also working for occipital, which is an excellent company, which I'm sure she can tell us a little bit about.1:15Yeah, definitely. So1:18yeah, I am working with PI Colorado right now. We're trying to organize our conferences in September. I'm currently I am working on Code of Conduct stuff, response stuff, and also swag. So I'm trying to get some cool, cool stuff there. We have a lot of cool companies in Colorado that are local to Boulder2:00Remember the exact wording but was basically treat others with respectfulness and professionalism. And if anyone does otherwise contact us immediately.2:11Basically, the code of conduct,2:14conduct2:16is intended to provide a safe space and make people feel comfortable. And that's why it's there. It's not there to police people, it's there to enable people who would otherwise not feel comfortable coming to feel comfortable coming. Is that a correct understanding?2:33Well, the Code of Conduct is a little more than that. It is a set of rules. You know, we don't want to be policing people. But we do need to do that, to an extent. The Code of Conduct is also a response guideline. So it's a set of, yes, it's a set of incident response that we have to take. So you know, if you make a code of conduct violation, then I'm also on the team that responds to that.3:00Those types of things and so, you know, the Code of Conduct violation does based I mean if you boil it down it does basically say, you know, be nice to each other and and you know, be respectful and things like that. But the whole the whole other part documents the whole process right and that's the important part is that there's transparency and the process. Yeah, so the process you know,3:21we do say what we're going to do the PSS actually put us through a training to do this. So we went through a training where we you know, were paired off and we actually were incident responders and incident reporters and we went through the whole process and you know, documented it and you know, made sure that we felt comfortable doing that so itself, Natalie was one of the SF it's wonderful that the PSS provides that that's not a cheap training, I'm sure. No, I don't think so. And it was actually it was really cool. We got to meet a lot of people from other conferences. People from4:00pie a new or pie Australia where there and pie cascades pie Colorado. Me to chris chris number?4:13I don't know. I'm not sure I'll have to get her on the show these people from each thing could do it. He's the traditional organizer in my mind of Python a I've been there twice and Keynote at once or maybe twice author on it wasn't it was

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