Ernest W. Durbin III on the PSF's Migration to DigitalOcean


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hello everyone welcome to import this a podcaster humans My name is Kenneth Reitz and today I am joined by the wonderful. Ew Durban the third, which is a wonderful name of the Python Software Foundation fame. And also hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, I believe. At the moment I'm in Pensacola, Florida, but I do reside in Cleveland, Ohio. Most of your mailing addresses right. That's correct. That's what your legal addressesthat was a joke. Oh, well, yeah. I mean, that is where my Google dresses though. There's no joke.How you doing? I'm doing very well. I'm sort of currently on a little bit of a road trip. But I'm static in Pensacola and have a nice, relaxing place to be for a little bit for head the pie, Texas next week. I'm going to be there. I'll be there. Oh, excellent. I will see you there. Awesome. I'm going to try to hallway track which is difficult at a single tracks.conference. Maybe we can grab coffee or something. That would be great. I would love that. coffees on me.Even better, even better. Yeah. Okay, so yeah, so we thought we get to get together and talk a little bit. I heard that the Python Software Foundation just made this really cool migration to this really cool tech stack on this really cool infrastructure provider. I thought you could tell us a little bit about it. I'm sure. So a quick intro for myself. I'm Ernest. I'm the director of infrastructure for the Python Software Foundation. So a lot of people don't quite know exactly what the Python Software Foundation is what we do. But we're a nonprofit. And we sort of pulled the legal rights and and manage the legal parts effectively around the Python programming language, protecting the trademarks and the intellectual property. Exactly. And also we manage, you know, the contribute, contribute contributor license agreements and such to make sure that everything's aboveboard, so that Python can rememberYou know, fully open source. And you know,we're a nonprofit. And so our mission is that, but outside of that, we also do a lot of community work. We put on the Python us conference every year.And we send grants out to, you know,people who are using are teaching Python all around the world. I think a big part of that, too, that when you say infrastructure, it's not always just software. I mean, it's not always just like hardware infrastructure is also because there's like pipe di, you know, the Python package index, obviously, is a huge piece of infrastructure. But there's also things like voting, that's a piece of infrastructure that needs to be thought of thought through and maintained and decided upon by volunteers, but at the same time, it also needs to be executed by a group that's trusted and the CSF is that trusted group? Certainly. So yeah, I mean, you bring up a great point. We also provide infrastructure for effectively, you know, software infrastructure, if you will.

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