Josh Crim on Homelab and DigitalOcean


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Sign-up for DigitalOcean ($100 credit!): to import this a podcast for humans. I am sitting here and a beautiful park in the middle of Winchester, Virginia with the beautiful view of this church and this beautiful sky and I just got done skateboarding with a great pilot. Nice to that I've known since high school. Josh Crim, Joshua and cram\n\nfor right. Yes, sir. Speak up. We can't hear you.\n\nSay dude,\n\nuse an authoritative sick Durrell voice when your podcasts here.\n\nPeter voice\n\nYou're\n\nYou're good. You're talking to me? Yeah, you're just speaking a little louder so the microphone can hear you. For audio clarity, right? Look at me. Hey, look, it's fine. I can edit this out. Already. Yeah, I'll try again.\n\nPick it\n\ncaters. To do\n\nthis. Let me wait. You don't have to\n\ndo this.\n\nI'm not putting you on the spot.\n\nI know. I helped me.\n\nHello, everyone. Welcome to import this podcast for humans. My name is Kenneth Reitz. And I'm sitting here today with Joshua krim. Excellent friend of mine who we are we're skateboarding at the moment, we're taking a break here in the park. And we are surrounded by beautiful environment. The wind isn't too bad. I apologize for the field recording, but podcasts or podcasts and they are what they are. So Josh plays the guitar. He sings.\n\nHe does. He does the guitar. He does escape board. He\n\ndoes apply thoughts.\n\nWhat else you\n\ndo? Tell me about the technologies that you like just\n\nthrow some buzzwords that recently I've been unfortunately supposed to be as six. Yes, sir.\n\nJavaScript?\n\nYes. Yeah. What do you think of it? Yeah. You know, are using strict mode?\n\nNo, I'mnot. Oh, I know. I didn't bother. Yeah, we we this app used to me coffee script. And so it was built like, okay, seven or eight years ago.\n\nWe were thinking about TypeScript. We're actually looking at converting to using React Native. Yeah, be throwing in TypeScript, possibly Vue. js and thought that that? No, it's think I was kind of worried going into it. I think a lot of Python development maybe would feel the same way. learning JavaScript doesn't seem like a fun time. Look into it wasn't too excited about the project.\n\nJavaScript is a great language for just kind of developingthings in a rapid prototyping fashion, especially if you're working in a purely a synchronous environment. Python is technically capable of this, it provides the primitives for you to build things this way. However, the software has not been built by the community at to do that, for example, those are a failure by the requests library to do so. I'm working on that actively.\n\nYou can't do a thing going away with requests\n\nand the new promises stuffed with Jonathan JavaScript. It's wonderful. absolutely wonderful.\n\nIs there an equivalent of that and Python?\n\nNot that I'm running, the new facing stuff is out.\n\nTell us about promises. What is the promise?\n\nIt's kind of For me it was a huge replacement for callbacks. Like the whole I've never experienced callback hell is that what a simple way it is? Yeah. So what is that? Oh,\n\nwait, I'm actually genuinely asking the question. Problem\n\nis like, I don't know what it promises. It is. It's an asynchronous cool. And so you call a promise, you have reject the result?

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