44. Dee Tang on grief and growth | Imprint with Natalie Walton


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You may know Dee Tang from the successful homewares business she founded Kawaiian Lion or perhaps you've seen her styling on television or in store for leading Australian fashion brands. Maybe you know the heartbreaking story about her angel daughter Kawa Leaf. Whatever you've heard, Dee shares so much truth and wisdom in this interview that it's hard to leave it untouched. THIS EPISODE FOCUSES ON: * Her journey to creativity.

* Studying design at RMIT.

* Working as a visual merchandiser for American Apparel, Sportsgirl & One Teaspoon.

* Competing on interior design reality series ‘Top Design’.

* Working as a freelance stylist.

* Creating her first home and indulging in the creative freedom this granted her.

* The lessons she learnt starting her first business Kawaiian Lion.

* Finding purpose in grief.

* Tapping into spirituality and meditation.

* Her creative process and most recent project.

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