48. Samantha Wills on learning how to trust your intuition | Imprint with Natalie Walton


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Many of you will know Samantha Wills for the eponymous jewellery brand she created and scaled to great heights for 15 years. She was named as a “breakout star” by the New York Times, and has been called a “tycoon her of her times” by the Sydney Morning Herald - all on the back of creating a business that began at her kitchen table. But a couple of years ago she came to cross roads, and had to learn a valuable lesson to listen to her intuition. Come listen to her incredible journey, and how you can choose between fear and faith. THIS EPISODE FOCUSES ON:

* Samantha’s creative journey.

* Starting her jewellery business at 21 and the lessons she learnt.

* Listening to your intuition and trusting that this will take you in the right direction.

* The importance of story-telling in building your brand.

* The ebb and flow of entrepreneurship.

* Being true to yourself.

* Choosing between fear and faith.

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