120: Consciousness v Catastrophe


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Experiential journalist Rak Razam meets Dr. Gillian Ross, author of Consciousness v Catastrophe: Reflections on the Next Stage of Human Evolution. Do the current global crises besetting humanity call for a revolution of consciousness and a renaissance of mystical or Evolutionary Spirituality? Is the universe becoming conscious of itself through us? Is the age of the ego fading and are we entering an age of self awareness of being emanations or ‘snowflakes’ of the Divine? How can we anchor this transpersonal self beyond peak experiences? Tune in to a delightful wisdom bouquet from a self described Christian Buddhist yogi/ mystic with a penchant for Taoism and learn insightful practices to nurture your snowflake Divine self. For more information visit: www.drgillianross.com . Art: Mark Henson. markhensonart.com And if you like this podcast support the emergence of new paradigm media by contributing to: https://www.patreon.com/rakrazam
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