Orla O'Loughlin in conversation with Patsy Rodenberg


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How has coronavirus affected the theatre industry? What does the pandemic mean for theatre training and the future of the industry? In a wide-ranging discussion, Professor of Text & Poetry at Guildhall School, voice coach, author and theatre director Patsy Rodenburg OBE and Vice Principal & Director at Guildhall School Orla O’Loughlin discuss the future of the theatre industry and training in the light of COVID-19. Their conversation opens with Patsy’s call to the government to protect theatre and training before covering topics including the importance of theatre and stories; the new energy, companies and ideas that will come out of this time; the need to make space for the next generation of actors and theatre-makers; and the importance of community. Follow us on Twitter (www.twitter.com/guildhallschool), Facebook (www.facebook.com/guildhallschool/) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/guildhallschool).

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