How to Multiply & Scale Your Business Without Overwhelm


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I am joined by Joy Bufalini, a business coach and the creator of Simplify to Multiply. This is a principle that busts the belief that being busy equals greater wealth. Joy shares her money journey with us and provides a really vulnerable account of going from $70k in debt to running a million dollar business.

Joy helps established entrepreneurs to grow and scale by focusing on the things that bring the most return on investment and talks with me today about scaling your business without overwhelm.

In this episode:

  • How your money blocks change as your business grows
  • You don’t need to do all of the things and this can often be used as an excuse
  • Why you should focus on scaling in the simplest and most sustainable way
  • The importance of feeling the emotions that surround money for you
  • How money dates really can change your relationship with your finances
  • Reframing your language around money and using gratitude to heal
  • Why having good, strong boundaries will allow you to say yes to more things


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