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Eduardo Garcia is an American celebrity chef and the co-founder of Montana Mex, a Mexican food company. He is known as the “ bionic chef” because he cooks with a prosthetic left arm, the result of an accident while hunting in 2011. He is also the subject of documentary “Charged”, the story of Eduardo being electrocuted, defying odds of survival, and coming through it with a “bionic” arm and hand, continuing to cook, farm, be an inspirational speaker and teacher of living and respecting nature.Heather and Eduardo have known each other for their work with the No Barriers foundation, and share stories of Eduardo’s life and his coming out of his accident with a stronger and better life, finding the best self you can be, and living life “fully charged,” loving and learning about good food, making a community, and sharing it all. It is a fun and inspirational chat.

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