#79: Down With Redbull! Up With Monster!

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Destiny 2 PC Beta
Early Access: August 28
Open Beta: August 29
Beta Ends: August 31
Monster is the new preferred drink of choice for Activision this time around! Rather than continuing the partnership Bungie had with Red Bull around Taken King time, Destiny 2 is now on Monster energy cans and per reports, will provide legendary items with codes.
Destiny 2 PC Beta & Restrictions
Bungie’s Beta for PC is coming soon along with a new control map, Javelin-4
Bungie is placing restrictions on game capture software and streaming software. Fullscreen capture can be captured via hardware methods such as Elgato, AVerMedia, or a dedicated streaming PC, but software capture such as OBS and Xplit are not supported unless you are playing in windowed mode. Per Bungie, this is to prevent people from cheating or using malicious software to change code. Similar restrictions are being placed on voice communication software such as Discord or Mumble. While they will still work in the background, the overlays this software has (Who’s Talking) will be disabled. Another overlay that will be disabled will be framerate and statistic overlays.
Destiny 2’s 4 Player PVP vs 3 Player PVE
Forbes article linked. In Orbit discusses how this change will affect teams.
Messages From The Reef
Alex M. - Are you upset that there aren’t more elements or subclasses in the game? Even Pokemon added two new Pokemon types when they went from Red & Blue to Gold & Silver. While the new subclasses for the Warlock & Titan are cool, they seem like modified versions of the Sunbreaker and Bladedancer with a Defender bubble.
Jose V. - How worried are you that Destiny 2 won’t deliver on it’s grand vision? From the stuff IGN has shown, I haven’t seen anything that really stands out. The beta was fun, but didn’t seem like a real sequel. It felt like the DLCs we have been getting since the beginning of Destiny.
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