#79: Collaboration is the antidote to the poison


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From acts of solidarity to new business models, many in the art world are teaming up during this pandemic to bolster the system and rethink its infrastructure. Joining us for today’s show are guests including financial journalist Felix Salmon; gallerists Sadie Coles of Sadie Coles HQ and Vanessa Carlos of Carlos/Ishikawa; artist Doron Langberg; culture and politics writer Marisa Mazria Katz; and nonprofit executives Carolyn Ramo of Artadia and Deana Haggag of United States Artists.

“We are all protecting our small castle or encampment and promoting our own content,” says Sadie Coles. “But actually, if you start reaching out to people, it is all about dialogue— and things develop from there.”

For more, tune in today.

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