#43: Art and Conspiracy


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In this episode, we go down the rabbit hole with Ian Alteveer and Doug Eklund, the co-curators of “Everything is Connected: Art and Conspiracy” at the Met Breuer (until 6 January 2019).

The show deals with the ways artists have imagined the forces that control their lives, presenting 70 works created between 1969 and 2016 by around 30 artists and artist collectives. It is the first major exhibition on the topic.

The beginning half of the show focuses on art that uncovers corporate and political malfeasance through public records, dealing with scandals from Watergate to the assassination of JFK and the US government’s handling of the AIDS crisis. It includes work by artists intent on unveiling deceptions, from shell corporations to the networks linking politicians, business people and arms dealers. The second part of the show moves into the realm of the fantastical, presenting works that are often dark or troubled—whether doll houses, LSD-inspired visions or other kinds of alternate realities.

Transcript: http://www.artagencypartners.com/transcript-art-and-conspiracy/

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