#45: Collecting and Patronage with Glenn Fuhrman


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Celebrating its tenth anniversary this year, the non-profit FLAG Art Foundation in New York was founded by Glenn Fuhrman. On this episode of In Other Words, Fuhrman talks how he began collecting art (“I lived in a one-room studio apartment for the first eight and a half years I lived in New York, and spent all my disposable income on art.”), and discusses philanthropy (he and his wife sponsored the creation of the nation's largest free Wi-Fi network, covering 95 city blocks in Harlem, in 2013).

Fuhrman discusses plans for his own collection—and offers some advice to aspiring collectors as part of this conversation with Amy Cappellazzo (a chairman at Sotheby's and a co-founder of Art Agency, Partners) and our host Charlotte Burns (executive editor, In Other Words).

Fuhrman, who co-founded and co-manages the private investment firm MSD Capital, also talks about the legacy of FLAG and its future, as well as his views on the art market.

Transcript: http://www.artagencypartners.com/podcast/glenn-fuhrman-amy-cappellazzo/

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