#46: Art and Power with New Museum Director Lisa Phillips


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Named “the most powerful woman in the New York art world” by The New York Times, Lisa Phillips has been the director of the New Museum of Contemporary Art since 1999. On today’s show, she talks about the future of the museum—from the current $85m capital campaign to the ways in which Phillips sees the institution moving beyond bricks and mortar—with host Charlotte Burns (executive editor, In Other Words) and Allan Schwartzman (co-founder of AAP and Sotheby’s chairman)—who was a founding staff member at the New Museum, hired as a curator aged 19.

Founded in 1977, the museum recently celebrated its 40th anniversary. Phillips and Schwartzman discuss the “spirit of the new” in art, and talk about power—what it means, who has it and how it might better be redefined. Phillips, who was formerly a curator at the Whitney Museum of American Art, discusses the forces that are shaping museums—such as technology and shifting demographics—and how to respond to them.

Transcript: http://www.artagencypartners.com/podcast/lisa-phillips/

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