#47: Jerry Comes Alive


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For this special live recording from Washington, D.C., we were invited to interview Jerry Saltz, the senior art critic at New York magazine, in front of an audience as part of the “Critics in Conversation” talks program organized by the Hirshhorn National Museum of Modern Art.

Jerry has previously appeared as a guest on In Other Words—an intimate and introspective conversation in which he talked to our host Charlotte Burns about his life and work. He brought a different energy to this live recording, bouncing from topics as varied as politics to Led Zeppelin to Medieval art—and back again.

Saltz—who won a Pulitzer Prize earlier this year for his article “My Life As A Failed Artist”—talks about how he “wanted to change the structure of criticism, which felt exclusive to me. I couldn't get in. I didn't go to the right schools”, and dispenses advice for writers, artists and art-lovers alike: “First of all believe and trust yourself, for God's sake! For two minutes! Is that so hard? Put down the urge to be smart. Put down the urge to be right.”

Transcript: http://www.artagencypartners.com/podcast/live-podcast-critics-in-conversation-with-jerry-saltz/

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