Episode 18: The Made-for-TV Hereditary of 1982


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It's a very "Hereditary" themed episode, even though what we're really talking about today is the 1982 TV movie "Don't Go to Sleep," which hits very similar notes. Both movies feature surprisingly powerful performances by grief-stricken mothers--and speaking of which, Toni Collette just won Best Actress at the Gotham Independent Film Awards! So prepare for a lot of queening out on that. "Don't Go to Sleep" features a moment of Ruth Gordon at her most heartbreaking, and an intense confrontation between Valerie Harper and Dennis Weaver that I break down nuance by nuance. Much like "Hereditary," the supernatural horror of the plot is almost overshadowed by real life darkness of family tragedy. Watch it here: https://bit.ly/2P7knsw Get in touch! Email: inthedetailspod@gmail.com Twitter: @colindrucker YouTube: www.youtube.com/colindrucker

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