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In The Doll World, doll podcast is joined by k.d. Domoto, creator of k.d. Dolls. www.inthedollworld.com/podcasts

A wonderful conversation with k.d. Domoto. She is a rag doll maker from Harlem. She was born and raised in Japan and moved to New York 20+ years ago. k.d. is a writer contributing to Japanese publications. She's been writing about NYC's rich culture of people of color.

We talks about how her journey in making dolls, she also shares her apprehension at first in showcasing the most adorable rag dolls with big afros and braids.

She says "A lot of people ask me why I make black/brown dolls." When I was working at the Harlem YMCA’s after-school program, there was a popular app that let kids assemble their own doll and choose its skin tone and hair color. I saw that some African-American little girls picked lighter skin tones than their own, and blond hair. I knew they needed dolls that, 'Just look like me!'

"I get inspiration from just walking on the streets of Harlem. The colors! The patterns! The outfits! The hair! I mix all those charms of Harlem into my lovely dolls to make kids and people smile."

And they do just that!

To learn more about k.d. and k.d.Dolls, please visit:


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