Kaepernick, Mandalorian Cape, Fitzpatrick is our dad, More w/ Less, Former Fins


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Wonder Fins are back, the Fins have reeled off two straight games, can they make it three against the Bills? Topher dives into the fact that it's a great thing that the Fins can take advantage of a Colts team starting their backup QB and sneak out a victory. Jake comes to grips that Ryan Fitzpatrick is the dad of the Dolphins. He puts bubble gum on his helmet, rocks the giant beard most of all, had eight TD and eight INTS. The show is finished off with the Fins now being labeled the team NFL teams do not want play at the end of the year and how Flores and staff are doing more with less. The last segment, Jake and Topher go through the list of players traded or signed as free agents with other teams. The ones that stuck out were Ryan Tannehill, Robert Quinn, and Kenny Stills.

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