The Cutting Edge of Online Lead Gen & Automation – with Kevin Markarian - Ep 001


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So, you’ve got a relatively small advertising budget. What are the best sources of low or no-cost online leads for real estate agents? And what are the best ways to automate follow-up with those leads so that you don’t miss an opportunity?

Today, Oliver sits down for a beer with Kevin Markarian, the founder of Marker Real Estate, a 45-agent team with offices in San Francisco and Orange County. Kevin lives on the cutting edge of online lead gen and authentic automation, building systems that empower his agents to generate business on a consistent basis.

On this episode of In the Know, Kevin introduces us to his favorite low and no-cost lead sources, explaining why the conversion timeline for Facebook leads is longer than that of portals like Zillow. He shares his top automation tools for follow-up and accountability, discussing how we can leverage technology to outsource persistence! Listen in for Kevin’s insight around cultivating an existing database and learn several FREE strategies for generating online leads through well-known sites like Craigslist and Yelp.

Key Takeaways

[1:00] Kevin’s introduction to online lead gen

  • Move to San Francisco from different market
  • Invest in portals to get business fast

[2:46] Kevin’s favorite lead sources

  • Facebook = new frontier ($2/lead)
  • Require more nurturing, follow-up

[4:48] The conversion timeline for portals vs. Facebook

  • Portals = 60-120 days
  • Facebook = double or even triple timeframe

[5:36] Kevin’s insight around follow-up on Facebook leads

  • Duration, number of touches as important as speed to lead
  • Employ authentic automation to increase conversion

[8:07] How to set up Facebook ads

  • Facebook Lead Ads extracts info with single click
  • List messaging works well (i.e.: Best Views in SF Under $1M)

[12:29] Kevin’s top automation tools for follow-up

[14:59] The power of persistence

  • Levels playing field between new agent and top producer
  • Leverage technology to automate, outsource effort

[17:46] Kevin’s top tools for accountability

[19:06] How to cultivate your existing database

  • Send customized property alerts through RealScout
  • Generates 6-7 appointment requests per day

[23:40] Kevin’s advice around building a team

  • Solves for problem of too many leads
  • Use notes in CRM for accountability

[26:10] Kevin’s free online lead gen strategies

  • Photo, description on Craigslist with CallAction #
  • Request certain keywords in Yelp reviews

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Quotes from the Interview

“At the end of the day, we’re in the communication business. We’re here to help people and stay connected with them—and try to help them achieve their goals.”

“With Facebook, the cost per lead is so low, you kind of have to do it. It’s less than $2 per lead.”

“If you just want to start growing a database, Facebook is a really inexpensive way to do that.”

“A lot of agents fail in the follow-up, and that’s really where your conversion comes in.”

“If you’ve got automation with authenticity, your conversion skyrockets.”

“That’s why we’re converting our older leads at a really high level because we’re just staying in front of them.”

“In order to start a team, you need to solve a problem. For me, my problem was I had too many leads and not enough time.”

“Your presence online is SO important.”

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