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Do you really want to dominate your real estate market? Some of us need a bigger push to get our ideas to walk the right way, and today, we are gonna learn how to income hack your way into real estate from one of the fastest starts in real estate history! That’s right, our today’s guest name is Dan Lesniak. Dan generated over $22 million dollars in transaction volume the first year of his real estate career, and since then, he’s been going HyperLocal HyperFast, just like his company and the best-selling book he wrote back in 2017.

Dan Lesniak began his real estate career in 2011, and since then, he has quickly become one of the top-producing real estate agents in the country, helping hundreds of buyers and sellers complete over $250 million in sales. He utilizes his unique experiences and backgrounds to create programs for clients that reverse the risk in real estate. Dan is also the founder of The Orange Line Living Team, to help clients make the entire spectrum of the real estate process as seamless as possible.

In this episode, we will find out how did Dan make 800K on his very first deal by using builders and doing highest use and best use of the property. We’ll deep dive into how to work with borrowers and builders the right way, structuring plans so no money down or credit is involved in your deals, and learn how Lesniak has helped over 1,800 buyers and sellers in the last five years of his real estate career.

“Sometimes people can kind of get short-sighted and get transactional instead of relationship-based… and realize the first transaction you do with someone might only represent 1/100th or 1/1000th of the potential of what could happen from there.” - Dan Lesniak

Podcast summary:

02:33 - Dan’s HyperFast real estate agent training platform.

04:08 - Dan’s first flip in 2013 and how he subdivided a big plot of land into 4 homes.

06:11 - A neat little hack to buy a property, move into it, fix it up, and sell it 2 years later tax-free.

09:48 - How to structure a deal with no money down or credit and why networking is essential.

13:38 - How to powerhouse your real estate operation with referral marketing and meetup groups.

19:35 - How to find builders and financial investors, sell projects to them and nurture those relationships.

22:04 - Dan’s first income hack: reselling tickets and the magic of buying something and selling at a higher price.

23:23 - The power of side-hustles and building multiple streams of income.

27:56 - Walking away from deals when they turn south and moving forward.

35:14 - The compound effect of long-term relationships, looking for opportunities outside the box and the power of online marketing.

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