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Trying to make your first jump into the investing world but still feeling a bit insecure? Our guest for today’s show is ready to help you make that first move that will change your life forever. By using real estate to change your mindset, and using mind shifts to become an expert in real estate, this episode is all about getting out of the rat race as soon as you can. If you have wondered lately how to leave a job that doesn’t give you the satisfaction you expected, and how to find something that will give you that fulfillment and joy in life, stay with us and meet our latest guest Daray Olaleye.

Daray Olaleye, a real estate mentor from Houston, Texas, struggled to find his passion as a young kid, but once he found it, he became a professional business and life coach. Over the past years, Daray has been able to help dozens of individuals to create financial freedom, travel the world and make an impact on the masses while enjoying life. From Accounting Intern and Investment Analyst to founder of Urbane Wealth and Before The Millions, Daray is convinced that you can quit your job, find your biggest passion and make a change in the world if you change the way you think.

In this Income Hacker episode, we will dive deep into house hacking, the importance of living the moment, and how having success in life is all about strategy, life design and sharing your message before others do. Timing is everything in life, so you better listen to today’s show, start using your money to make more money, and discover why Daray gets paid to live for free.

“It’s not an unknown thing that real estate can be a wealth-generating vehicle or any of these vehicles many people know it, but how many people viscerally believe that it’s possible because if you did like I did, you would take action immediately.” - Daray Olaleye

Podcast summary:

02:29 - A bit of Daray’s background and what they never told you about what work-life would be.

11:02 - Your money? More like Uncle Sam’s and the bank’s money… Welcome to the rat race!

13:09 - The book that opened up a whole new world for Daray (and so many others), which led him onto his first property investment in just 30 days!

17:03 - The fear of failure and how it led him to start 8 businesses while still being a full-time employee.

19:28 - The profound effect that a mentor can have in your life.

24:45 - Why having a 2-year goal may be better than a 10-year goal.

27:34 - Daray’s greatest income hack: getting to be paid to live for free.

35:45 - Daray’s WHY?: life design, and getting his message to as many people as possible.

37:55 - Do you yearn to start living at 30 instead of 60? Shift your mindset and use your money to make more money today.

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