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When you discover your passion at a very early age, it’s more than evident for everyone around you. Whether you want to be a doctor, an actor, a politician or a real estate agent, once you find your passion, there is no turning back. That’s what happened to Marco Santarelli with real estate: he purchased his very first real estate investment at the young age of 18 and he did it like a pro. He handled the entire rehabilitation and property management without taking a course or reading a book and knew from the start he was a natural.

Marco Santarelli is an investor, author, and founder of Norada Real Estate Investments, a national real estate investment firm that offers turnkey investment property in growth markets. Santarelli knows all about giving the perfect maintenance to any property, from changing the electrical and plumbery installations to delivering the perfect home to buyers. According to Marco, his real estate company is ‘market agnostic’, which means that every research they make in the market is based on the local economy and housing factors of each place, instead of the investor demand. All of this he has learned from years of experience, understanding that every state in the US is different in the real estate market.

In this episode, Marco shares with us why real estate is the most powerful investment vehicle that anyone can have access to, the key differences between a passive and an active investor, why is not safe to speculate on the real estate market and the reason why investing inside your state is better than doing it outside. Stay with us in this Income Hacker episode and find out how to find the right loan for YOU!

“There's always a good time to invest in real estate... what changes is the strategy.” - Marco Santarelli

Podcast summary:

02:26 - How turnkey investing really works and investing funds for real estate.

11:33 - How to get the best loan deal in the world according to Marco.

15:34 - Where we are at the market cycle and what can happen to your investment if the market goes down.

21:34 - What happened to the rental market in 2008?

24:35 - Why you should be investing outside the state you live in.

28:13 - The benefits and write-offs you can achieve in real estate from Marco’s perspective.

32:10 - Marco’s first income hack as a kid: hiring his brother as an employee.

33:33 - Marco’s income hacking mistakes and things you should avoid doing: not holding a property long enough and paying taxes on it.

36:05 - Marco’s greatest income hack: turning his real estate investing game into a business.

38:00 - Marco’s vision to help 1 million people create wealth and passive income through real estate.

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