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>> Issuu is the all-in-one platform to create and distribute beautiful digital publications, from brochures to magazines to sales collateral and more. It’s perfect for creators, marketers, designers, educators, publishers, sales-people or anyone that wants to make eye-catching content. And Issuu makes it easy. Simply use the InDesign plug-in or upload your PDFs and files and Issuu transforms them using your vision and customizable templates to create the content you want. Check out their session at CreativePro Week 2020.

>> Avenza Systems' MAPublisher (for Illustrator) and Geographic Imager (for Photoshop) are powerful tools for all graphic designers who want to dive more deeply into cartography and map making. Learn more by watching David's recent Facebook Live interview with Avenza, and see their session from CreativePro Week 2020.

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