The Powers


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This episode features a conversation with Madison Heying and the multi-media band, The Powers ( Emily Pelstring, Katherine Kline, and Jessica Mensch). They talked about The Powers’ working method, which centers around the creation of a feminist cosmology, inspired by such disparate sources as Greek Mythology, campy 1980s horror films, and the scholarly work of Donna Haraway. Throughout the episode you’ll hear excepts from The Powers’ performance of Sistership TV in Santa Cruz on November 16, 2019. Additionally, you’ll hear “Bunny,” an unfinished unreleased track from their upcoming album, in the middle of the episode. If you have thoughts or questions about this episode or the Indexical podcast in general, we’d love to hear from you! You can reach out on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, our handle is: @anindexofmusic. Madison is also available via email at

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