EP057 - Databases designed for the IoT - Syed Hoda, Chief Commercial Officer, Crate.io


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In this episode of the IIoT Spotlight Podcast, we discuss the challenges facing companies when they scale industrial use cases that rely on large complex data streams and trends driving the development of systems at scale by traditional industrials that are expanding their business scope.

What is different about data in IoT and why is it harder than other projects?

Why do traditional databases and dev-ops methods fail in IoT projects?

How do consumer application development trends interact with, and drive, the development of industrial applications?

Syed Hoda is the Chief Commercial Officer and President North America at Crate.io, which develops IIoT data management solutions for customers around the world. An IoT industry veteran, Hoda most recently served as CMO of digital manufacturing platform company Sight Machine, and previously had been CMO of ParStream, the IoT analytics company acquired by Cisco Systems Inc. He lives in Palo Alto, California. https://crate.io/products/crate-iot-data-platform/

IoT ONE is an insight and advisory firm focused on helping companies manage the threats and opportunities presented by the Internet of Things. https://www.iotone.com

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