EP 31b: Investment market in IoT — An Interview with Clint Bundy of Bundy Group


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What are the adoption barriers and barriers to growth in IoT? Should hardware and software be split into two companies, or integrated to achieve synergy?

Clint Bundy outlines the 4 main barriers to adoption and growth in the IoT market, and gives advice for companies who want to increase their valuation.

Clint Bundy is the Managing Director of Bundy Group, in an investment banking advisory role for owners and executives of privately held firms who are seeking a business sale, acquisition, or financing (equity and debt).

Bundy Group is a boutique investment bank specializing in representing clients in the lower middle market ($100 million or less in revenues). Bundy Group's primary services include advising owners in the sale or acquisition of a business as well as assisting clients in raising equity or debt financing. http://www.bundygroup.com

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