A Closer Look at the Compass Vision Statement


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We know that Compassis built around technology and that the real estate company has a shit ton of money—$4.4B, to be exact. But what else do we know about the tools and resources Compass offers its agents or the direction the company might take moving forward? Lucky for us, the firm’s most recent vision statementwas published online, and while it was incredibly inspiring, the presentation also raised a number of questions.

Rob and Greg welcome special guest Sunny Lake Hahn, partner at 7DS Associates, to offer a broker’s perspective as they discuss the Compass vision statement. Greg offers an overview of the presentation, covering the suite of products and services that Compass offers their agents and CEO Robert Reffkin’s inspiring personal story and message of empowerment. Sunny explains why she was impressed by the company’s COO offering for agents as well as their technology feedback loop.

Rob, Greg and Sunny debate whether Compass can provide a consistent user experience, describing how the company does offer continuity in terms of tools, resources and consumer-agent interaction. Greg shares his take on why wooing agents with a payout might be problematic, and Rob speaks to Compass’ potential play to generate revenue through preferred vendors. Listen in for Sunny’s perspective of Reffkin’s emphasis on female entrepreneurs and learn more about what differentiates Compass—and what makes it just like all the other brokerages.

What’s Discussed:

Compass’ strategic decision to publish their vision statement

The suite of products and services Compass offers their agents

CEO Robert Reffkin’s inspiring personal story and message

Sunny’s insight on the value of Compass’ tech feedback loop

Compass’ contract provision around using the tools provided

Why Compass cannot guarantee a consistent user experience

How Compass can provide continuity in terms of resources

Greg’s take on why wooing agents with a payout is problematic

The potential for Compass to leverage the ‘referral economy’

Sunny’s view of Reffkin’s message on female entrepreneurs

Sunny’s idea for brokers to execute on the COO offering locally



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