Is Gary Keller Mismanaging Expectations for the New KW Tech Platform?


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Gary Keller made a series of very bold claims when he announced the launch of the new KW tech platform at January’s Family Reunion conference, even going so far as to say that ‘the race to build the first end-to-end real estate platform is over and everyone else is competing for second place.’

Today, Rob and Greg are discussing Keller’s comments, questioning the decision to set the bar so high and sharing Brian Boero’s take on Keller’s hubris as that of a master showman rallying the troops. Rob asks how we might measure the success of the KW tech platform and how much big-time investments in tech truly impact agent productivity.

Rob and Greg also explore the idea that introducing new tech serves to ‘stop the bleeding,’ keeping agents and agent teams from leaving for tech centric brokerages like eXp. Listen in for insight around the performance of traditional brokerages that put big money in tech and learn why Rob believes the industry should stop fighting the last war and shift its focus to capital.

What’s Discussed:

The hype around the launch of the Keller Williams consumer app

Boero’s take that Keller’s hubris is necessary to ‘rally the troops’

How we might measure the success of the KW tech platform

The dismal numbers reported in Realogy’s recent earnings call

How much tech investments truly impact realtor productivity

Why Rob believes the industry needs to focus on capital vs. tech

KW’s potential to systematize agent marketing through software

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