UpstreamRE’s Relationship Status & a16z’s Scathing Review of Real Estate


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Look into your crystal ball and ask about the future of real estate. A venture capitalist’s vision of the industry eliminates agents entirely in favor of the data a tech company can provide. A number of brokers are hoping to go back to the future and once again serve as the gatekeepers for real estate listings. Meanwhile UpstreamRE can’t seem to get a clear picture of its future at all. Will software ‘eat the real (estate) world’ as the recent a16z video suggests? Will brokerages find a way to regain control of their listings? Will UpstreamRE ever nail down an objective?

Rob and Greg start their review of recent real estate news with a discussion of the humbling Andreessen Horowitz video exposing the obvious flaws in organized real estate. They cover Alex Rampell’s argument against the narrative of agent as ‘trusted advisor’ and his thesis that metrics will eventually replace agents. Rob describes how technology might impact the future number of real estate agents and how much consumers will be willing to pay for guidance from a professional.

Greg shares his frustration with the ‘obvious BS’ surrounding UpstreamRE’s breakup with NAR, offering his take on why the alliance didn’t work and the new narrative around the company’s purpose. Rob and Greg both deliver their predictions regarding who UpstreamRE’s new vendor might be and how MLS providers may view the project’s latest pivot. Listen in for insight into the futility of broker efforts to regain control of listings and learn why UpstreamRE’s new vendor may want to ask for their money up front!

What’s Discussed:

The Andreessen Horowitz video on organized real estate

Alex Rampell’s argument against the ‘trusted advisor’

The prediction that metrics and data will replace agents

Mike Delprete’s insight on loss aversion in transactions

Money and partnerships vs. execution in tech startups

The impact of tech on the number of real estate agents

Why UpstreamRE’s partnership with NAR didn’t work

The new narrative around UpstreamRE’s objectives

Rob & Greg’s predictions re: UpstreamRE’s new vendor

How MLS providers may view UpstreamRE’s latest pivot

The futility of broker efforts to regain control of listings


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