Cinema du Fromage: Plan 9 from Outer Space 1959 Episode 29


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Episode 29: We look at 19's film " Plan 9 from Outer Space " which stars Dudley Manlove and is Directed by Ed Wood Thursday August 29, 2019 Residents of California's San Fernando Valley are under attack by flying saucers from outer space. The aliens, led by Eros (Dudley Manlove) and his assistant, Tanna (Joanna Lee), intend to conquer the planet by resurrecting corpses in a Hollywood cemetery. The living dead -- a cape-wearing ghoul (Bela Lugosi), a vampire (Vampira) and a slow-footed cop (Tor Johnson) who was killed for his nosiness -- stalk curious humans who wander into the cemetery looking for evidence of the UFOs. Release date: July 22, 1959 (USA)

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