Podcast 275- Dating Sims, Walking Sims, & Looting Sims


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This week Oak is back! He's got plenty to talk about from his two weeks away! Grif, Chicken, & Baka have still been playing WoW, but they spent time in another game for a bit this week. In the news: Anthem is headed to EA Access. New Death Stranding footage shows off weight management, path management, and why not to stare at your character's junk too long. Borderlands 3 is off to a great start if you ask Gearbox and Epic but a rocky start if you ask all those clambering to the Steam forums to ask for tech support and bug suggestions. KFC is making a dating sim because that's a thing anyone wanted... Bethesda has already forgotten the backlash from repair kits fiasco a few months back and has put two new (and very questionable) items on their real money store in Fallout 76. And Universal Studios is set to open it's Nintendo theme park next year! All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!

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