117: Ko ti je ovo radio?


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Ep 117

Apple - Suchergebnisse - Interdiscount

Apple TV+ serije sadrže slovenačke titlove:

Privacy - Apple - vrlo lepo i jasno urađena web stranica

Apple izgleda ne odustaje od toga da ljudi rade u CA, pa to ti je.

Cybart: Apple just announced a $2.5 billion commitment for combating the "housing availability and affordability crisis" in California.

[Cybart]: The item that jumped out at me was "$300 million Apple-owned land will be available for affordable housing" in San Jose. Apple's purchase of that land was a big story in 2015. This was when Project Titan was taking off.

TechCrunch: Fourteen years after launching, 1Password takes a $200M Series A. Ryan Jones možda i najbolje sumirao strah šta se može desiti.


Apple announces its first serious augmented reality product - omenti

Ostali takvi proizvodi se razvijaju, ali nisu baš blizu.

Apple MacBook Pro 16-inch

Apple did extensive physiological research when building out this new keyboard. One test was measuring the effect of a keypress on a human finger. Specifically, they measured the effect of a key on the pacinian corpuscles at the tips of your fingers. [TechCrunch]

It’s not simply about being louder, although they are louder at maximum volume. They just sound impossibly better. They don’t merely sound like good laptop speakers — they sound like good dedicated portable speakers, period. [Daring Fireball]

Pohvale svuda: Dave Lee, Kaya Thomas, Marco Arment, Jonathan Morrison, Jason Snell itd.


Sezam, BBS časopisa Računari, 11. novembra “proslavio” 30 rođendan.

Film o Apple Lisa računaru.


Snimljeno 15.11.2019.

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