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Ep 97

OWC acquires Akitio

iPad Pro unibody enclosure design - Apple Support

Apple Opens iTunes Video and AirPlay Up to TV Rivals - TidBITS

VLC plans AirPlay support for Android as app nears 3B downloads

Alek preporučuje iian video plejer

Mnogo buke oko malo? / mnogo? para

Neil Cybart: Twitter right now:

  • Politics Twitter: The U.S. / China trade war is hurting American companies.
  • Tech Twitter: Told you. Told you. Told you. The iPhone is too expensive. And dongles. Too many dongles. And headphone jacks.
  • Media Twitter: I didn't upgrade my iPhone last year.

Letter from Tim Cook to Apple investors - Apple

Beleaguered, my friend :D

Daring Fireball: Steve Jobs and Apple’s Last Previous Earnings Warning

Mugunth Kumar:

Outside America, Apple had a double whammy. Product price increased by 20% and American dollar is went up and every major currency GBP/Euro/CAD/AUD went down by 15%

I gle čuda:

75.3 billion won (profit) / 15.8 trillion won (revenue) = .0048%

Apple Numbers Do Not Spell D-O-O-M | Mac360

App Store caps record-breaking 2018 with blockbuster holiday week


Hackers hijack thousands of Chromecasts to warn of latest security bug | TechCrunch


Seriously, Android Does Not Deserve iMessage | Mac360

Ludila softvera koji traje decenijama

Fino & korisno

The old guard of Mac indy apps has thrived for more than 25 years

Download Older Versions of macOS and Mac OS X - krypted.com


The unveiling of the iPhone

United Airlines: Apple plaća 150$ miliona za avio prevoz godišnje

Bakica 🧡 Nintendo 3DS


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Uvodna muzika by Vladimir Tošić, stari sajt je ovde.

Logotip by Aleksandra Ilić

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