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Ep 138

Joe Budden is taking his podcast off Spotify because the company ‘is pillaging’ his audience — The Verge

Tesla and FBI prevented $1 million ransomware hack at Gigafactory Nevada — Electrek

Apple Seeds First Beta of iOS 13.7 to Developers With New Exposure Notification Opt-In

Apple's new 2020 iPhone SE is assembled in India (just like previous SE) — MacDailyNews

Apple losing wireless earbuds market share even as AirPods sales grow — Loop in Sight

Brave: WebBundles (a new standard proposed by Google) could allow sites to evade privacy and security tools.

App Store saga

The Joy of Tech comic... Apple's Epic response.

Apple vs Fortnite — Apple Explained

Rene Ritchie o Unreal Engineu na iOS-u

Daring Fireball: Epic Will Not Update Fortnite for iOS

Phil Spencer (Xbox, Microsoft): Today we filed a statement in support of Epic's request to keep access to the Apple SDK for its Unreal Engine.

Zapisnik sa suđenja, Epic vs Apple

Daring Fireball: Apple Terminates Epic Games' Developer Account

CNBC: Apple suspends Fortnite maker Epic Games’ App Store account

Rethinking the App Store — Stratechery by Ben Thompson

Alex Lindsey, sa korisničke strane.
Steve Jobs at D Conference.

Apple apologizes to WordPress, won’t require the free app to add purchases after all — The Verge

Zac Wood - account terminated, because Apple is lazy.

Japanese Developers Criticize Apple's App Store Policies and Approval Process — MacRumors

App Review process updates — Apple

Facebook warns of a 50% hit to advertisers' revenue from iOS 14 — Appleinsider

Apple Delays Ad Anti-Tracking Features Planned for iOS 14 — MacRumors

iA Twitter thread and blog post about Facebook paying shit nothing to Apple

Key Lawmaker Vows to Loosen Big Tech’s ‘Deeply Disturbing’ Grip - Bloomberg

Korea to Investigate Apple and Google's In-App Purchase Practices — MacRumors

Privacy. That’s iPhone. — Apple. @Kontra

Online Privacy Should Be Modelled on Real-World Privacy — Daring Fireball


Apple showing signs it may soon launch a search engine to compete against Google Search

USB 3, USB 4, Thunderbolt, & USB-C — everything you need to know — Appleinsider

Apple Silicon: The Next Generation of Mac Computers – 4D Blog

Blockchain, the amazing solution for almost nothing — The Correspondent

Nano-diamond self-charging batteries could disrupt energy as we know it — New Atlas: True or Not True?

Interview with Rob Janoff, designer of the Apple logo | Creative Bits

Rene Ritchie: There’s 90-day free trial for FCPX

Half Off Forever (HOF) Promotion | MacStadium

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