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Ep 134

WiFi Mesh — SBB

Apple honors eight developers with annual Apple Design Awards — Apple

Apple Pay u Srbiji: Mastercard i VISA

About limits when using Apple Pay in stores — Apple Support

Apple greatly expands iPhone repair services across the US and to businesses in Europe and Canada — Mac Daily News

Microsoft Store announces new approach to retail — Microsoft

Microsoft effort to replicate Apple fails; all Microsoft retail stores to shut down — Mac Daily News

Damien Sorresso o boot / file system izmenama u Big Sur.

APFS changes affect Time Machine in macOS Big Sur, encrypted drives in iOS 14 — Appleinsider

Apple confirms Boot Camp won't feature on ARM Macs — Cult of Mac

Gokhan Avkarogullari o vesti da će DirectX12 imati hw-accelerated GPU scheduling.

Apple Silicon: Samo Apple GPU i ništa drugo.

Thunderbolt 4 won't be faster than Thunderbolt 3, but better — 9to5Mac

EU Advertisers Criticize New App Tracking Privacy Controls in iOS 14 — Mac Rumors

Alex Lindsay poredi video conference apps.

Guy Who Reverse-Engineered TikTok Reveals The Scary Things He Learned, Advises People To Stay Away From It — Bored Panda

TikTok, LinkedIn, Reddit — svi malo njuškaju po cliboardu.

Glen Maddern: Damn son, I almost got phished. @1Password just saved my bacon.

Greyhound on Apple TV+, Tom Hanks srećan

New H.266 VVC codec will cut 4K streaming data requirement in half — Engadget

Safari can now stream 4K HDR and Dolby Vision content on Netflix with macOS Big Sur — 9to5Mac


Snimljeno 10.7.2020.

Uvodna muzika by Vladimir Tošić, stari sajt je ovde.

Logotip by Aleksandra Ilić

Artwork episode

55 x 60 cm
ulje/ oil on canvas

by Saša Montiljo, njegov kutak na Devianartu.

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