Google Algorithm Updates & How They Affect You as an Influencer


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The recent Google algorithm updates have many people worried about why their traffic dropped, but it comes down to E.A.T. (Expertise, Authority, Trust).

I am super excited about today’s guest on the podcast. Marye Audet-White was on here with me way back in episode 67, when we talked about her course, Search Engine Seduction. It’s been a long time and a lot has changed since then when it comes to SEO, so I asked Marye to come back and update us all.

Marye has been blogging for several years at her Southern food blog, Restless Chipotle.

Because of her knowledge regarding SEO, I strongly encouraged Marye to create some courses on the topic.

Her courses, Search Engine Seduction, her membership site, Own It, Darling, her mastermind group, Search Engine Seduction Mastermind, and her website, Mary Audet-White are all designed to help women who are too busy to learn everything about tech speak but still want to understand SEO.


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