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I first met today’s guest over a year ago at Podcast Movement, where I was speaking and he was in the audience. We have continued to follow each other since then and I am very excited to have him on the show today.

Andy Storch is a husband and father to two kids. He is a consultant, coach, and speaker; his main business is in corporate talent development, where he connects great leaders with talent solution developments and turn their strategy into action.

He hosts two podcasts - Talent Development Hotseat and The Andy Storch Show.

Andy attends a lot of conferences and is also hosting his own conference in November. He is big into health and fitness and getting the most out of his life.

Andy has a passion for attending great conferences and he is holding his own conference in Sonoma, California this November 6th-7th; however, The Talent Development Think Tank is already sold out for 2019!


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